Successful Stories: Club Movida

March 14, 2018

Movida is a wellness and fitness club located in Castelfranco di Sotto, near Pisa. They were looking for a solution to help their staff provide a more accurate and professional service to club members.

Real-time heart rate monitoring

“We had several meetings with other Italian top fitness clubs and we looked for products and solutions from the most mature markets like the US and the UK before bringing to market our CoreZone training program in September 2016. The core of the program is based on monitoring and displaying members’ heart rates during their workout in order to program the right training intensity and trigger specific methabolic responses” says Emiliano Vitali, Club Movida’s owner.

The club started using Uptivo right after the introduction of CoreZone in October 2016, building custom training plans for their members with a focus on the target heart rate zone for every exercise included in the plan. This approach allows users to carry out all activities – whether they are doing isotonic activities such as weights or cardio workouts – by keeping an eye at the Uptivo display to closely monitor the effectiveness of what they are doing.

Uptivo is also a key component of Movida’s high intensity interval training program HIIT 60. The one-hour group training program, based on cardio and muscle toning routines, is designed and updated by the Movida staff every three months with new exercises, durations, and intensity intervals. The real time telemetry provided by Uptivo makes sure trainers can monitor members in real time and help keep them in the right training zones to maximize the workout effectiveness.

Initially deployed in a dedicated area, Uptivo has quickly become a club-wide solution with the installation of three Uptivo Bridges that fully cover group training area, spinning room, and weight room. “Our members can freely roam around the club and do what they feel up to for the day, knowing that Uptivo will track their workout wherever they go and will display their tile on the appropriate screen.” says Emiliano.

In addition to tracking all workouts within the gym, Uptivo also provides a free iPhone and Android smartphone app to let users track their efforts outside of the club. Movida staff can review all trainings on a unified journal to verify their members’ progress.

On July 3rd 2017, Movida threw a party to celebrate the club’s thirteenth birthday. As part of the celebration, Uptivo rankings were used to award members and recognize their effort in regard to UPPs (Uptivo Performance Points), calories burned, number of sessions at the club and so on. “We chose Uptivo to bring our offer to another level, but it turned out to be also a great motivational tool and a way to establish deeper relationships between our members and the club’s trainers”, concludes Emiliano.