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Workout tracking is a label of quality,
and gamification is a drive for community building.

MiFit is a well-known personal training chain in southern Italy that offers high-quality services for the well-being and health of its members. Thanks to the collaboration with Uptivo, MiFit can provide a tailor-made and highly motivating experience for its users. Let’s explore the distinctive characteristics of MiFit and how Uptivo contributes to the success of the chain thanks to its gamification tools.

Luca Novati, CEO of MiFit

1. The fitness offer of MiFit
Luca Novati, moving seventeen years ago from a large multifunctional gym, opened the first MiFit center in 2018, with the idea of focusing on an audience motivated to achieve specific goals, within an elite environment. MiFit today is a personal training chain that has 4 locations (Casoria, Terzigno, Lusciano, and Napoli Chiaia) and offers a wide range of services, including nutritional consultation, training planning, and management of group activities. Luca is dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of its customers through a tailor-made and highly professional approach.
In addition, the chain stands out for the presence of innovative technologies, such as the Uptivo platform, which make it possible to monitor customer progress and provide personalized support at every stage of members’ fitness process. MiFit structures its workouts in 45-minute sessions, allowing athletes to train even remotely, preferring the use of Uptivo Belt-D chest sensors. Real-time monitoring of the effort, both in person and online, helps trainers to give useful and immediate feedback.

2. The role of Uptivo as a quality label at MiFit 

“Uptivo is the main element of the center’s perception of quality”, Luca says. From the first consultation with the customer, Uptivo is presented as an integral part of the MiFit training method. Thanks to Uptivo, personal trainers can monitor the progress of their customers’ workouts in real-time and provide personalized feedback to improve their effectiveness. In addition, the platform allows MiFit customers to access a wide range of data and statistics on their progress, thus providing greater awareness of their fitness journey. Uptivo is therefore an essential tool to guarantee the high-quality service offered by MiFit, allowing it to create a highly motivating and effective fitness experience.

“Monitoring data such as heart rate in real-time increases the perception of training quality and makes the entire workout a unique and highly motivating experience.”

Luca Novati, CEO of  MiFit

3. Gamification as a motivational tool for MiFit customers

MiFit uses Uptivo’s gamification as a motivational tool for its customers. The Uptivo platform allows creating challenges and competitions between members, promoting healthy competition and motivation to achieve their fitness goals. In addition, Uptivo rewards members’ effort and commitment with badges, levels, and trophies making athletes feel involved and motivated to achieve their fitness goals. These kinds of tools create a stimulating and collaborative community. Gamification is therefore an essential tool to increase the motivation and commitment of MiFit users, making the training experience even more effective and fun. “Uptivo is chosen as a support for all our workouts, it can create competition but also make our customers feel part of a group”, says Luca Novati.

Uptivo is a support for all our workouts. It creates competition but also makes our customers feel part of a group.

4. The importance of sport performance tracking for MiFit

Tracking members’ sports performance is fundamental for MiFit, which is dedicated to promoting the physical and mental well-being of its customers. Using the Uptivo platform, MiFit constantly collects data on heart rate, effort, and calories consumption during workouts. This data allows MiFit personal trainers to evaluate the progress of the training and to make any changes to improve its effectiveness. In addition, heart-rate monitoring makes it possible to identify any customer health problems, allowing for timely intervention. In this way, MiFit is committed to ensuring a safe and highly professional training experience for its users. Uptivo – Luca adds – has proven to be essential for the identification of some cases of previous illnesses present in customers, which were identified and resolved in time.

MiFit represents a highly professional personal training chain oriented toward promoting the well-being of its members. Thanks to the collaboration with Uptivo, MiFit offers a personalized and highly motivating training experience, while maintaining a very high-quality offer that allows it to stand out significantly from the competition.

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