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I invited a user to join my Uptivo Club, but I neither see the form to add the user’s personal data nor I can find him/her in my club’s user list. What did I do wrong?2017-10-26T17:19:00+00:00

If the email you used to invite the user was already registered to the Uptivo platform (e.g. that person is an Uptivo user at a different club or is using the personal app), there is no need for you to include any new personal data. Also, the user will be added to your Club as soon as he accepts the invite.

Last week I registered a new user to my Club. He did two workouts at the club in the past few days, but now I cannot see him on the Uptivo monitor anymore. Also, he is not in my club’s user list anymore. What could the issue be?2017-10-26T17:20:39+00:00

The most probable reason is that the user did not accept the invitation to join your club and has been removed from the system. You can check the invitation status in the “Notifications” section of your Trainer account on uptivo.fit.

How can I see the past trainings of my customers?2017-10-26T17:21:22+00:00

In order to save and review trainings and much more, you need to upgrade to the Cloud version of Uptivo.

Which heart rate sensors are compatible with Uptivo at the club?2017-10-26T17:22:51+00:00

Uptivo Bridge is compatible with most of chest-based sensors available on the market. In particular, in addition to Uptivo Belt, the platform supports Polar H7, H10, OH1, Suunto Smart Sensor, and all ANT+ sensors (ANT+ protocol is used by Garmin, Wahoo, Geonaute, and more).

The battery of my sensor died after a few weeks of use. How is that possible?2017-10-26T17:24:03+00:00

The most probable reason is that the heart rate sensor was not dried and detatched from the strap after use. Water and sweat can keep the sensor on even when in the gym bag.

I cannot see my heart rate on the Uptivo display at the club. Why?2017-10-26T17:25:18+00:00

If an Uptivo application for clubs, tablet or smartphone is not displaying your heart rate, one or more of the following reasons may be the cause:

  • The HR sensor battery is dead and needs to be replaced
  • The plastic electrode area on the back of the strap has not been moistened, and the sensor did not turn on
  • The sensor has not been correctly paired to the user
  • The sensor is paired to a fitness smartwatch or smartphone app (wearable devices and apps may close the connection to Uptivo)
I am trying to connect my heart rate sensor to a smartphone from the Bluetooth settings menu without success. What can I do?2017-10-26T17:25:40+00:00

We recommend to avoid pairing the heart rate sensor by using the smartphone Bluetooth settings. Like most fitness applications, the Uptivo app includes a dedicated section to perform the pairing.

How are Uptivo Performance Points assigned?2017-10-26T17:26:19+00:00

UPPs (Uptivo Performance Points) are assigned according to the time spent in each training zone. For example, a minute in the green zone rewards 6 points, a minute in the orange zone 8, etc. NOTE! UPPs reward intensive exercise, but not overtraining.

Can I use a wrist or arm heart rate sensor with Uptivo?2017-10-26T17:26:43+00:00

Our findings show that LED-based sensors are currently not as accurate as chest-based monitors. We recommend using chest-based sensors when performing dynamic or intensive workouts like HIIT or bodyweight classes.

Can users review their workout sessions on their own?2017-10-26T17:28:14+00:00

Yes, they can. Each user owns an Uptivo account on uptivo.fit with a unified journal where all Uptivo trainings are stored.

How many users can I monitor with Uptivo Trainer?2017-10-26T17:28:39+00:00

Uptivo Trainer is able to monitor up to 40 simultaneous users.

Which heart rate sensors are compatible with Uptivo Trainer?2017-10-26T17:29:50+00:00

If you have an iPad, you can use Uptivo Belt, Polar OH1, H7, and H10. If you have an Android tablet, in addition to the models above you can use any ANT+ sensors (e.g. Garmin or Wahoo Tickr).

I downloaded the Uptivo Trainer app, but it requires an activation code. Where do I get it?2017-10-26T17:30:24+00:00

To activate the Uptivo Trainer app, please send a request to info@uptivo.fit to activate your Uptivo Cloud club account.

Which devices are compatible with the Uptivo Trainer app?2017-10-26T17:30:40+00:00

Uptivo Trainer is compatible with Android tablets and iPads.

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