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Uptivo Heart Rate Monitor

Uptivo Belt, your fitness partner

Uptivo Belt is the ideal choice for heart-rate-based effort monitoring – in the open air, at the club, or at home – helping you to reach your fitness target. The Belt works with all Bluetooth or ANT+ wearables, and can be paired to the most popular fitness apps such as Runtastic, Runkeeper, Endomondo, and more.

Uptivo Belt su Amazon

Uptivo APP

Uptivo App available for free on App Store
Uptivo App available for free on Google Play

Connect your heart rate sensor to the free Uptivo app (available on the App Store and Google Play) to capture your workouts! You can track each session and verify your progress over time in the training journal.

Reach your fitness goal!

The App gives you real-time information to help you monitor your training and adjust the workout intensity. Uptivo records and displays:

  • heart-rate
  • time spent in the training zones
  • calories burned
  • distance
  • speed and pace
Real-time heart rate monitoring
Fitness Test and Dashboard with workout progress and details
Are you in good shape?

With the Uptivo Fitness Test (available via the Uptivo App) you can check your cardio fitness level and get an immediate feedback. Done every 6/8 weeks, this simple 3-minute test tracks your progress over time.

Uptivo and the Training Zones

The training zones are related to the workout intensity, each zone representing a different heart rate range (percentage of your HRmax). Each zone influences the human metabolism in a different way, producing specific body changes and allowing you to target the training to your fitness goals.

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Heart-Rate Training Zones
Share your Workouts on Social media

Feed social

Nothing’s better than sharing your hardcore workout report on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media to impress your friends and show them your progress!

Time to brag!

Tears and sweat require motivation. Uptivo Action is a powerful tool to impress your friends by recording and sharing your best workout moments through short Actions clips, with real time heart-rate data and training zone color overlaid on the videos of your performance!

Record and share on social media your best workout moments

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