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UPPs (Uptivo Performance Points)

UPPs allow to evaluate Club members’ effort regardless of individual age, gender and physical shape. Members earn UPPs during workouts according to the time spent in each training zone. The higher the effort, the more points are awarded! Designed to combine motivation and effort with safety and self awereness, the UPPs system rewards intensive exercise, but not overtraining.

Gamifications | Uptivo Performance Points
Rankings for Fitness Clubs

Fitness challenges and friendly competition

Uptivo features daily, weekly, and monthly rankings based on UPPs (Uptivo Performance Points), calories, and Target Zone time. That’s a great way to boost communication between members and your staff, to create fun and friendly competition, and to reward performance and progress in order to make your club more enjoyable and motivational, thanks to this unique service.

Head to head

With Uptivo you can divide your class into up to 4 teams and arrange friendly UPPs-based challenges among them. The Uptivo Challenges show teams progress in real time, provide a quick recap at the end of the training, and offer full reports to athletes and trainers for reviewing and sharing.

Challenges for Fitness Clubs

Uptivo Levels

Uptivo levels are based on the recommendations of the The World Health Organization (WHO) and reward continuity and perseverance.
Improving on a scale of ten difficulty steps, training becomes more challenging and fun.
From Rookie to Titanic, let’s start the challenge!

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Share your Workouts on Social media

Feed Social

Uptivo allows Club members to share workout results on Facebook, Twitter and more. They can show progress and achievements to their friends and get likes, comments, reposting… Social motivation is a impressive tool to have happy and engaged members that positively impact your Club’s retention rates.

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