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Uptivo is compatible with body composition analysis solutions in order to gather relevant information on members’ fitness shape and track their progress over time.

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Uptivo automatically imports body composition analysis data from InBody smart scales. Detailed reports including segmental composition analysis are available to trainers and members on

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Health Tracking - Biometrics
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With Uptivo you can plot intuitive charts to verify your members’ progress over time and help review and assess workout and diet results. In this way, you can offer a customized experience to your member, verify the effectiveness of training sessions, and plan the next steps to reach individual fitness goals.

Health Tracking - Biometrics
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With the Uptivo Advanced Biometrics functionality you can keep using your preferred body composition analyzer and manually enter all your measurements, such as weight, body water, lean mass, body fat, skeletal muscle mass, blood pressure, waist, hip, and limb circumference, and much more.

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Uptivo Fitness Test

Motivation flies high when you can see real progress.

The new Uptivo Fitness Test allows trainers to help members measure their recovery times after a simple 3-minute aerobic exercise followed by one minute of rest. All they need to perform the test is a compatible heart rate sensor and a step about 12” (or 30 cm) high. The Uptivo app features a detailed description of the test and provides video and audio real-time instructions.

Uptivo Fitness Test
A reliable and effective tool.

The Uptivo Fitness Test is a simplified version of the Harvard step test and can be done by anyone regardless of age or current fitness level. Performed every 6-8 weeks, the test provides useful feedback on the members’ cardiovascular improvements. Club staff can help customers perform the test via their Uptivo personal app available for iPhone and Android smartphones.

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InBody BIA

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