All you need to get started is an Uptivo Bridge connected to a display!

Uptivo relies on cardio frequency to monitor both individual and group training sessions in your club. The training effort is directly related to cardio frequency and enables comparisons of people’s efforts regardless of individual age and physical shape. Uptivo tracks your club members automatically and monitors them across all areas without the need for manual intervention.

Real-time heart rate monitoring
Real-time heart rate monitoring

Indoor Biking

The Uptivo Indoor Biking solution integrates to a wide range of compatible ANT+ bikes to receive real-time telemetry and display power (watt) and cadence (rpm) information. The user experience is customized based on their individual FTP (Functional Threshold Power) value.

Indoor Biking for Fitness Clubs

Intensity Flow

Setup and customize an unlimited number of Intensity Flows based on power threshold, heart rate zones, and interval duration. This feature helps trainer adjust the class workout intensity with clear and intuitive on-screen instructions.

Let’s start the challenge!

Arrange competitive workouts

With Uptivo you can divide your class into up to 4 teams and arrange friendly UPPs-based challenges among them. The Uptivo Challenges show teams progress in real time, provide a quick recap at the end of the training, and offer full reports to athletes and trainers for reviewing and sharing.

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Challenges for Fitness Clubs

Uptivo CLOUD

Review all members’ activities in Uptivo Cloud

Uptivo Cloud deploys the best tools for a professional and engaging management of your club members’ workouts. Targeting the training to members’ age and fitness level, motivating them with rankings and medals, creating a cohesive social group with an active community by sharing targets and progress on social media: these are just some of the advantages that Uptivo provides to make your Club an exclusive fitness environment.

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Uptivo Cloud for Fitness Clubs and Personal Trainers

Uptivo BELT

Your new business opportunity

Expand your fitness offer with Uptivo Belt to give your members the flexibility of this triple-standard HR sensor: group training and workout classes, training with the club’s analog equipment (treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical machines), or iOS and Android smartphones. Additionally, the belt can be customized with your club’s logo!

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Compatible with the main Brands

Uptivo is compatible with Polar, Garmin, Suunto, Wahoo and many other heart-rate monitors
Uptivo is compatible with Polar, Garmin, Suunto, Wahoo and many other heart-rate monitors
Uptivo is compatible with Polar, Garmin, Suunto, Wahoo and many other heart-rate monitors