Training continuity is essential to improve cardiovascular health,
to reduce the risks of injuries and illnesses, to combat stress, anxiety and depression.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends at least 150 minutes a week of moderate physical activity or 75 minutes of intense cardio-respiratory activity or an equivalent combination of moderate and intense activity.

Uptivo levels are based on WHO recommendations and reward your training continuity, making you progress on a scale with 10 steps of difficulty.

What do I need to level up?

You need 2000 UPPs every month to maintain your current level and progress to the next level. 2000 monthly UPPs correspond roughly to the duration and intensity recommendations of the World Health Organization.

How do I earn UPPs?

You earn UPPs every time you train with Uptivo by monitoring your heart rate. The speed at which you generate UPPs depends on your training intensity; the harder you work out, the more points you receive. Be careful though: Uptivo rewards intensive training, but not over-training!

What if I stop?

Uptivo levels are based on WHO recommendations which reward continuity and perseverance when exercising.
If you don’t keep your monthly UPP amount you might lose levels, in particular:

• If you don’t reach 2000 UPPs in the first month after a level up, you go back to the previous level

• If you don’t reach 2000 UPPs in one of the months necessary for the level change, you keep your current level BUT the months already accumulated are not considered and your progression to the next level resets