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Uptivo Trainer is an app for iPad that relies on heart-rate telemetry to track workouts and make them more professional and engaging than ever. Uptivo helps Personal Trainers in their daily activities.

Real-time heart rate monitoring for Personal Trainers
Take your class outdoors.

The Uptivo Trainer app is a powerful tool for helping to setup individual or group (up to 40 participants) training sessions in the open air. The app monitors and displays the duration, heart rates, calories, HR training zone splits, and more. At the end of each session, all individual and group reports are available to trainers in order for them to review the training results and to compare individual performances.

Sign up your members in a few clicks.

The app provides intuitive and immediate functionalities for managing club members, and personal clients. It displays an updated list of all club members and allows you to pair Bluetooth Smart heart-rate sensors to their accounts quickly, either via a wireless scan of club’s areas, by leveraging the sensor proximity to the app itself, or – for supported heart-rate sensors – by adding the sensor ID to the user profile manually.


Uptivo LIVE

Uptivo LIVE is designed to offer a safe, engaging, and motivating live fitness experience even from remote. The platform allows to create training sessions with up to 50 participants or one-to-one. providing a customized and personalized service. Trainers can monitor each athlete's heart rate frequency in real time in order to adjust the session intensity and rhythm, just as a lesson at the Club.

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Compatible with main HR monitor brands

Uptivo works with your customers’ personal heart rate sensors such as Polar, Suunto, and more. Additionally, you can give them the opportunity to purchase Uptivo Belt or Uptivo Armband, the perfect devices to track heart-rate-based individual and group trainings, at your studio or in the open air.

Uptivo is compatible with Polar, Garmin, Suunto, Wahoo and many other heart-rate monitors
Uptivo Cloud for Fitness Clubs and Personal Trainers

Review all members’ activities in Uptivo Cloud

Uptivo Cloud deploys the best tools for a professional and engaging management of your customers’ workouts. You can review each group and individual training, target the workout to members’ age and fitness level, create a cohesive social group with an active community by sharing targets and progress on social media: these are just some of the advantages that Uptivo provides to make your Club an exclusive fitness environment.


Health Tracking

Uptivo is compatible with body composition analysis solutions in order to gather relevant information on members’ fitness shape and track their progress over time.

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Health Tracking - Biometrics

Uptivo Levels

Uptivo levels are based on the recommendations of the The World Health Organization (WHO) and reward continuity and perseverance. Improving on a scale of ten difficulty steps, training becomes more challenging and fun. From Rookie to Titanic, let’s start the challenge!

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Motivate and engage your customers through effort and progress monitoring


Make Uptivo Belt part of your fitness portfolio to give customers the flexibility of this triple-standard HR sensor


Use cardio zones to setup customized training plans and give your members the results they expect


Help your customers lead a healthier lifestyle with Health Tracking functionalities

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