What are UPPs?

UPPs (acronym of Uptivo Performance Points) are a measure of training intensity that reflect the time spent in Uptivo cardio zones, which correspond to six different ranges of exercise intensity modeled on percentage zones of your maximum heart rate.

How do I earn UPPs?

You earn UPPs every time you train with Uptivo by monitoring your heart rate. The speed at which you generate UPPs depends on your training intensity; the harder you work out, the more points you receive. For example, for every minute you spend in the Moderate Effort zone (50-59%) you’ll earn 1 point, for every minute you spend in the Anaerobic zone (80-89%) you’ll earn 8 points. Be careful though: minutes spent above 94% of your HR Max won’t award points. UPPs reward intensive training, but not over-training!
Remember that training in an Uptivo club, under the supervision of experienced trainers, earns you about 30% more UPPs than individual workouts.

Why do we use UPPs instead of calories?

Calories are deeply influenced by users’ weight and gender. We believe that it is important to consider age and physical condition to evaluate the training effectiveness, but we don’t want weight and gender to influence results and Uptivo rankings during challenges at the club, as well as in the determination of results for individual and for group sessions workouts.

Thanks to heart rate monitoring and parameters customization, Uptivo considers the individual effort involved during a specific workout and not simply the amount of push-ups, how many kilogram you lift or how fast you run.
Uptivo Performance Points turn the measurement of the effort into points, making it easier to compare results from different workouts and different users.