Uptivo LIGHTBAND: keep an eye on your engine speed.

Uptivo LIGHTBAND: a heart rate monitor to watch. 

Uptivo LIGHTBAND is an arm-based HR monitor that brings an entirely new flavor to individual and group workouts.
Featuring a unique Italian design, the armband was born as the result of years of experience and incorporates invaluable feedback from dozens of fitness professionals all around the world. Uptivo Lightband is the first heart rate monitor with integrated, effort-based LED lights that let you adjust your training intensity in the blink of an eye. Each color is tied to personal training zones and maximum heart rate.

The immediate feedback provided by LED lights and the internal memory make the Lightband an ideal choice for swimming and water sports.

  • Optical heart rate monitoring 
    latest generation optical sensor, suitable for every skin type 

  • Heart rate driven LED lights 
    training-zone-based LED lights 

  • SpO2 measurement 
    accurate reading of blood oxygen saturation 

  • Water resistant 
    IP68 certification makes it perfect for water aerobics and swimming 

  • Internal memory 
    can store hours of training data 

  • Bluetooth and ANT+ protocols 
    flexible long-distance transmission of heart rate data 

  • Rechargeable battery 
    long duration battery with USB charge cable 

Uptivo and the Training Zones.

The training zones are related to workout intensity, with each zone representing a different heart rate range (as a percentage of HRmax). Each zone influences the human metabolism in a different way, producing specific body changes and allowing you to target training to your fitness goals.

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Less than 50% of HRmax
50% – 59% of HRmax
60% – 69% of HRmax
70% – 79% of HRmax
80% – 89% of HRmax
90% – 100% of HRmax

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