Fitness studio | Manhattan, New York (US)

The convenience of training members via remote monitoring, in the hustle and bustle of NY City. 

The Zone NYC  is a fitness studio located in the heart of Manhattan, New York, that offers tailor-made workout programs both in the gym and online. Founded by Kemaro Miller, The Zone is a reference point for those looking for personalized training, to achieve their goals effectively and safely.
By choosing Uptivo as a training monitoring solution in the gym and from remote, with heart rate monitors and a smartphone app branded ad hoc, The Zone NYC offers an exclusive service that guarantees concrete results.

1. The story of The Zone NYC and its founder Kemaro Miller 

The Zone NYC was founded by Kemaro Miller, a personal trainer with extensive experience in the fitness industry, and a member of the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), specializing in corrective exercises, strength, functional training, and weight loss. Kemaro decided to create a tailor-made training experience for its customers, based on an individualized approach and advanced technology. Thanks to Kemaro’s innovative vision, The Zone has quickly become a go-to for Manhattan residents looking for an alternative to standard training programs. The Zone NYC philosophy is simple: to combine cutting-edge scientific research on exercise and fitness, with the latest wearable metric technologies, improving its members’ quality of life, health, and overall well-being.


Kemaro Miller, founder of The Zone NYC

2. What The Zone offers: tailor-made training programs both in the gym and online with Uptivo   
The Zone offers tailor-made training programs both in the gym and online, designed to meet the needs of each customer. Gym workouts are run in a modern and comfortable environment, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and a team of highly qualified instructors. Online training, on the other hand, allows customers to train wherever they are, taking advantage of Uptivo technology to obtain a highly personalized service. The Zone coaches work closely with clients, designing tailor-made training programs that take into account their goals and needs. The flexible choice between gym and distance training offered by The Zone, allows customers to opt for the type of training that best suits their needs, guaranteeing concrete and lasting results.

3. Choosing Uptivo as a remote training solution  

The Zone chose Uptivo as its remote training solution, thanks to its advanced technology and the ability to personalize each customer’s training experience. Uptivo allows The Zone trainers to monitor the progress of their clients, to track the activities carried out inside and outside the center, and to send feedback in real time. This allows instructors to adapt training programs quickly and efficiently, ensuring a highly personalized service. With the fast pace of New York, this online training mode is extremely convenient and practical, for both the trainer and the athlete: Uptivo allows you to create online training sessions by monitoring and displaying in real time the data of heart activity, the calories consumed, the training zones and the UPPs (Uptivo Performance Points). 


“People travel here a lot, especially for work, and thanks to Uptivo, we can follow our customers and monitor them remotely. Uptivo is essential to track customer progress, send immediate feedback, and allow trainers to assign personalized workouts.”

Kemaro Miller, founder of The Zone NYC

“The division into colors is a great benefit of the product, it is a useful and effective element to get at a glance an idea of the intensity at which we are training.”

member’s testimony
of The Zone NYC

4. Data accountability and correspondence between cardio zones and colors  

The correspondence between heart rate training zones and colors, Kemaro explains, is one of the fundamental reasons why he chose Uptivo. Uptivo uses the theoretical Maximum Heart Rate to calculate the Training Zones and shows the corresponding colors on the screen. The training zones represent heart rate ranges, each corresponding to a different range of exercise intensity. Keeping the heart rate under control during a workout is equivalent to correctly dosing the intensity of the effort, allowing trainers to set up specific workouts, aimed at achieving specific individual goals. This association between effort and color, Kemaro says, offers a motivating and engaging fitness experience for customers who become more aware of their bodies and perceive the effectiveness of the training program they are following.

5. Kemaro’s choice to customize the heart monitors and the app to put his brand in the foreground  

Kemaro Miller, the founder of The Zone NYC, has chosen to take advantage of the Uptivo branding option, customizing the chest heart rate monitors (Uptivo Belt-D) and the smartphone app to highlight his brand and guarantee an exclusive service to his customers. Kemaro worked closely with Uptivo to adapt the heart monitors to the specific needs of The Zone’s customers, ensuring a highly personalized training experience. Thanks to the choice to customize the heart sensors and the app, The Zone offers an exclusive service that transmits to customers the high quality of the service provided in the center.


In conclusion, The Zone NYC represents a tailor-made training experience, based on an individualized approach and advanced technology. Thanks to the tailor-made training programs offered both in the gym and online, using the Uptivo performance monitoring system, The Zone NYC guarantees concrete results to its customers. The great satisfaction of its customers has made The Zone NYC established itself as one of the best fitness studios in Manhattan.

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