Boost your Combat Fitness with Uptivo Boxing Trackers

Make Fitboxe and Combat classes even more fun and motivating with real-time data on the type, number and power of punches with the specifically designed Uptivo solution for the combat world to create involvement and competition.

The solution is based on comfortable wrist sensors, which can be worn over or under the gloves, and tracks workouts in real time, transmitting the data to the Uptivo receivers installed in the center and allowing members to see their performance on the displays installed at the club. Paired with our heart-rate monitoring system, the solution will bring your members experience to the next level!

The Uptivo Boxing solution tracks the number of left and right punches, as well as their power and speed, avoiding the need for special installations or costly investments in dedicated punching bags.
Each workout generates a report that is saved on the cloud and is available to coaches and members via Uptivo’s web portal and the user’s personal phone app.

Hit count

Punch speed, time,
and power


Uptivo and the Training Zones.

The training zones are related to workout intensity, with each zone representing a different heart rate range (as a percentage of HRmax). Each zone influences the human metabolism in a different way, producing specific body changes and allowing you to target training to your fitness goals.

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Less than 50% of HRmax
50% – 59% of HRmax
60% – 69% of HRmax
70% – 79% of HRmax
80% – 89% of HRmax
90% – 100% of HRmax

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