Your activity schedule, member’s payments and subscriptions, and heart rate monitoring in a fully featured management solution.

Create your Club schedule and manage payments and subscriptions for your online or on-site activities with Uptivo.

The platform allows you to set your pricing plan, manage subscriptions, add offers, define special dates, promote online and on-site activities, and auto-repeat weekly lessons and classes with a few clicks.

Along with the heart rate monitoring system for on-site and remote classes, Club and Trainer can offer a unique and practical service wherever their members choose to train.

  • Club and Studio Scheduling
    Create your schedule and plan your activities directly from

  • Credits and Subscriptions Management
    Assign a credit cost to your activities or make them fit into one of your subscription plans.

  • Space Management
    Establish the maximum number of participants for each activity and allow members to view your activity calendar via their personal app.

  • Click-through Booking
    Members can browse through activities with their Uptivo app to sign up or to get on the waiting list.

  • In-app Purchases
    Members use credits to make payments with their personal Uptivo app. Credit can be assigned to members by the Club staff or can be purchased directly by your customers.

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