Uptivo LIVE: at the Club from home.

Uptivo LIVE: remote training has never been so real.

Uptivo LIVE is designed to offer a safe, engaging, and motivating live fitness experience providing a real-time, bi-directional flow of performance data between trainer and athletes.
Uptivo LIVE allows to create remote training sessions with up to 50 participants or one-to-one, providing a customized and personalized service. Trainers can monitor each athlete’s heart rate frequency in real time in order to adjust the session intensity and rhythm, just as a lesson at the Club.

Uptivo LIVE allows you to:

  • Monitor training session
    video streaming, telemetry, training zones, calories

  • Train remotely, as at the Club
    workouts, circuit timers, dedicated media channel

  • Track performances and progress
    training history and report by email, advanced biometrics and fitness test

  • Motivate and engage your members
    rankings, levels, Uptivo Performance Points (UPPs)


Devices for HR tracking

At the core of LIVE sessions, Uptivo Belt-D, Uptivo Armband or Lightband provide accurate heart rate monitoring and long-range transmission to your members.

A plan for every need:

PT  and
Small Group PT


Up to 50 members

Fitness Club and


Up to 500 members

Fitness Club and
Wellness Resort


Up to 1000 members



Unlimited members

Uptivo: a complete fitness ecosystem

Offer a unique fitness experience combining Uptivo LIVE with Uptivo solutions for Club in order to combine remote with on-site session for your group training classes.

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